VGA isn't working

I brought home the computer I built at school and hooked it up to the television I use for my home PC, it shows the boot up process up until the windows password screen. I'm a bit bewieldered at what could be the problem considering it actually displays normally up until that point. The OS is windows 7 if that helps, any suggestions?

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  1. Probably at the wrong refresh rate or resolution. Can you boot in with video in safe mode (F8 at startup).
  2. Nah, at the moment it's just sitting there running idle as the no video box bounces around the screen

    Edit: as I hit F8 and other commands the screen still fails to react
  3. Actually I did a cold boot and started it in safe mode, it worked--now I just need to tweak the resolution
  4. you probably have a 1080i HDTV. which means the actual screen resolution is very low (often 1366x768). since it can;t interlace with VGA, it will only display when outputting a resolution lower than or equal to the native res of the screen.

    try it at 1366x768, or 800x600 to see if you can get it displaying.
  5. I've tried all resolutions, frankly I'm pretty stumped--which is annoying considering it will probably turn out to be some super minor fix. The tv is whichever of the two that is the least impressive, 1080i or p can't remember which.


    Actually the tv is a 720p, and even in advanced settings this system seems to have very few resolutions. Unfortunatley I don't see anywhere to type my own, kinda new to Windows 7.
  6. what video card do you have?

    if you use the cards drivers, you should be able to select any resolution you wish. for 720p that would be 1280x720.
  7. The card is an: nVidia Geforce 8400 gs. The tv is an Insignia 720p 26". OS is windows 7. Still in the dark, especially since it works fine until the PW screen to get onto the desktop and will boot in safe mode perfectly.

    This tv has ran like... 5 or 6 other systems without even needing to be tweaked, everytime I just hook up the VGA and it works. Don't know if there's some new type of software or hardware that's not compatable, but I wouldn't think that there would be.
  8. It still sounds to me like the drivers keep trying some wrong setting. Can you try uninstalling the graphics drivers and see if it will boot into Windows normally.
  9. Ima haul it to class and troubleshoot since I gotta leave in an hour, theoretically if all else fails I can just have my instructor fix it. haha Just trying to do it personally for more hands on practice. I appreciate all the advice everyone.

    thank you,
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