Aftermarket CPU cooler for Phenom II X2 555 & Antec 300

I was able to unlock one xtra core on my Phenom II X2 555. I havn't tried to overclock it yet but will sometime soon. Was thinking that since I can't get a temperature reading now that I've enabled an extra core It might be wise to invest in an aftermarket CPU cooler as an extra precaution. My temps now are right around 24 degrees idle and after 4-5 hours of game play I've seen as high as 31 degrees, which is pretty good with the stock heatsink. I would like to keep the price around $20-$30 if possible and find something that will fit into my case, which is an Antec 300. Any advice is appreciated.

My system:

Phenom II X2 555
MSI 785GM-E51 Micro ATX
Antec 300 case
Antec 380w PSU
ATI 5670 GPU
2GB DDR3 1333
Windows XP
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  1. CM Hyper 212+ or Xigmatek 1200's but you'll notice their all out of stock at Newegg
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    micro center had the CM 212+ last week for $20, its currently $25 last i looked. It works great and fits in the 300 case.
  3. Thanks for your response...looks like you both recommend the CM 212 and it would fit in my case. To wait for Newegg to re-supply or not, that is the question. Thanks ct1615 for an alternate source that has it in stock.

    Any links on how to clean the old compound off of my CPU and apply new...or does this cooler come with pre-applied heat compound? If not what would you recommend?

    Thanks again for your advice I appreciate it.
  4. Hi.

    For ur budget the best option for u is the CM Hyper 212+. If u need information about the installation of the Hyper 212+, application of the thermal compound and remove of the old thermal compound take a look of my signature.
  5. i have both the antec 300 and CM 212+. My CPU and GPU are both over clocked from factory settings. at idle the CPU is in the low 20's, will even hit 19c. The GPU stays around 37c. load my CPU hits 37c and my GPU wont break 60c.
    room temp is around 75f.

    it may not be "excellent" but i cant complain....
  6. Thanks again for your responses. I'm going with the CM 212+ as it's in my price range (microcenter, thx ct1615). Thx saint19 for the informative link, exactly what I was looking for. Psychosaysdie is probably right but if you look at my system it's easy to see that it's a budget computer. So far I've got 380$ into it as I found a pretty good deal on the CPU & MB for $105. All total it'll be a $400 system after upgrading the cooler...just where I wanted to be on this build that's replacing my 100% reliable & running P4 2.4ghz from 2002. The Antec 300 seems to be respectable and I'm happy with only dropping $50 on it. This computer should tide me over for another year before I retire it to HTPC status and build something a little higher end. Again thanks for your advice and Information.
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  8. Any time, that's why we are here. Enjoy ur rig.
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