I5 3570k - Limit reached at 4.3ghz

Hello, this really grind my gears:
if tried all kind of combinations in fixed/offset/multipler but he wont get me stable above 4.3 ghz all other clocks i can reach by offset - or + voltages but if i reach 4.3 it feels like bios or system is block it, does someone know about it?
i can run 4.3ghz @ offset -0.025 but the only time i managed to reach 4.5 ghz it was with 1.45V fixedmode with bluescreen after 2min windows... i didnt raised Voltage higher because its insane


i5-3570k 4,3Ghz IHS fixed @ Collaboratory Liquid Pro
Cooler Master seidon 120M water cool
Asus GTX660-DC2-OC
ASRock z77 extreme 4
16GB RipJawX 1600 9-9-9-24 @ 8GB Ramdisk
Antec High Current Gamer 520
Creative Fatal1ty Titanium Pro pcie
Microsoft Intelli 1.1a @ 500hz
Microsoft sidewinder X6 @ 500hz
Zalman MIC4 microphone clip
Cooltek case @ 2x noiseblocker 120mm, 2x basic 120mm
2x 250GB WD @ Windows7 ultimate 64bit
1x 1000GB @ Linux Ubuntu 12.10 64bit
BenQ xl2420t 24" 120hz @ lightboost hack
Samsung SyncMaster 701n 17" @ 75hz
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  1. Unfortunately, you hit the wall for the CPU. Nothing to do with BIOS or MoBo. The limitation you are seeing is from the chip itself. It's the pick of the lottery. You don't know what type of chip you'll get until you play with it.

    Me, I personally couldn't push my i5 2500k past 4.3GHz. I have temp problems with my i5 3570k going past 4.1 GHz. Personally, I don't think I'll push it anymore than where it's at as there's no real gain from the minor speed boost.
  2. probly your right but i remember when this PC was new i could easylie overclock to 4.6 ghz even with mainboard pre-settings i was not do it again because of insane temps but now i was fix my IHS and i could use much more
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