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Will directx 9 work on windows 7

I use a Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nforce 430. I looked it up and it says its made for DirectX 9. I use Windows 7 and it came with DirectX 11. So can I install DX9 so i can get the full benefit of the 6150SE when playing games?
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    You will not need to install anything, Windows 7 is fully compatible with all previous versions of Direct X. The only difference between 9, 10 and 11 is added features, which your card simply will not be able to use, but it will work perfectly fine.
  2. DirectX 11 is backwards compatible; probably back to DirectX 7.
  3. He *MIGHT* have to install the DX Redistributable package, which contains the incremental updates to DX9, but otherwise, there is no significant problem, as Vista/7 ships with a version of DX9.
  4. Actually, the nVidia 6000 series support Pixel Shading 3.0, which is part of DirectX9 I think.

    For the topic creator, yes Windows 7 will definitely work with games that uses Direct X7 and above.

    Although there's a minor chance that certain games will not work due to changes between Windows XP to windows 7. But is not related to the DirectX version used.

    To be sure, download the latest redistributable DirectX9 installation, this will update the files needed. :)
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