Usb Device is Not Detecting by pc.

My computer is not detecting my Kingston USB1gb and 4gb they were working perfectly a day before but when i plugged them again they are not showing any sign of detections. Even not in any other pc please tell me how i fix this my USB contains an important data.
Thanks in advance

I m using Windows Xp Professional
All the usb ports are working.
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  1. See if it is shown in "Computer Management/Storage". If not, then I am afraid that your drive has died.
  2. if you are asking to see it in device manager then its not showing there other usb's are working fine
  3. First of all, you did the right tests. If the device does not work in any machine, and other devices work in the same USB ports, then it's the device. If it shows in Device Manager you can run recovery software, but since it's not even shown in Device Manager either it is dead or the USB connectors are broken. Unless they are detected in BIOS.

    Can you use magnifying glass and a light to look at the USB plugs on the Kingston drive and see if the contacts are damaged or the "plastic" board-finger that holds them is cracked?
  4. Board looks fine even the connector which connect the front part to the board tell me how i can check if usb are detecting in bios or not?
  5. If it's not seen in the device manager, and the device manager is not showing errors (a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark), then it probably isn't seen in BIOS. Checking the BIOS requires interrupting the boot sequence by pressing a key, usually DEL, during the initial boot. Your screen will show something like "Press ESC to enter setup."

    But BIOS menus are not quite as uniform as the Device Manager, so how it will show depends on the particular BIOS. Sorry.
  6. i'm having the same problem here.. is there any other way to save the files in it?
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