Nvidia Geforce Gt 620 Artifacts?

So, I've recently put in my new MSI Gt 620, and, I felt like overclocking, Which i havent done yet, Still stock clocks, But, I've read, You need to look out for artifacts. What are those? Would they be some of these bouncing around white dots, which i can only see on black pictures, with my head kinda close? Or, are they something else?

Need help fast, Beacuse,I cant afford a new pc.....
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  1. Hi,

    Artefacts can be pixels that are a different colour than what they should be or in a position they shouldn't be, you may also see textures deform or even missing textures ETC...
    What you've described sounds like artefacts but it's hard to say for sure, do you see these bouncing dots all the time, or just when gaming or perhaps only in certain games?

    What's your full system spec's?
  2. Thanks for the replys guys, actually, it doenst look like ANY of those... Its more, Like, Small dots, about the size of 1 pixel in the screen, None of those Giant pixels, and, Its all the time, Most seen on black pictures.

    Also, another question, Im wanting to overclock my computer from CORE 700 to 810 and MEM 500 to 650 (the same specs as a Gt 630) and, Since, I got a 240 w, My computers been running well at stock clocks, But, I went further, overclocked it (since i have a MSI card) used Afterburner, Did those clocks, Ran GTA iv, for a bit, Seems fine, Fps jumped about, 10 fps, and, seems fine, But, How would i know if my PSU is overloaded, As in my sig, I have a Upgraded Hp compaq 8100 elite sff, SO, Would'nt the PSU have a built in breaker?

    And, For GTA Iv, Im having slow downs, Like, It will slow down for a fraction of a second, Maybe, Like, when your running, and, You hit mud, or, a driving game perhaps, and, Everything slows slightly down, then back up, Maybe a World Generation?
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