P55 vs H55 chipse

can anyone tell me which is better h55 or p55 chipset and why? thnx :D
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  1. P55 supports SLI/CF,and has better OC'ng potential.Aside from that,they're pretty much identical.
  2. Doesn't H55/H57 board have an IGP and the P55 don't? I thought that was one major difference between the two as well.
  3. Yes,I forgot that,thanks for mentioning :)
  4. H55 does not have an integrated graphics processor(IGP) It does support the clarkdale duo processors that do have a graphics processor on the chip.

    If you install something like a i5-750, you will not get any graphics without a discrete graphics card.

    If a H55 motherboard has two pci-e slots, the first will be x16, and the second x4, so no sli. It might be a good chipset to start with, and a single x16 slot can run a very strong single card.
  5. so if i get an h55 then i would need a graphics card for it to run ( on i3 540 or550)
  6. getsmart111 said:
    so if i get an h55 then i would need a graphics card for it to run ( on i3 540 or550)

    No, the i3 540, and 550 are clarkdale processors which have the included graphics. No added graphics card is needed on a H55 chipset motherboard.

    If you go to newegg, and under Intel cpu's you filter by integrated graphics, you will get a list of 11 such processors, ranging from the G6950 to the i5-680.

    The integrated graphics will play something like civilization 2 well, but will not be good for fast action shooters.
  7. Oh and does this support both corssfire and SLI?
  8. Almost all P55 models support SLI/CF(There are few models that support CF only)
  9. Maziar said:

    So as someone that has it, do you recommend it with a i5 or i3 and a 5770 ?
  10. Well the choice of chip depends on your budget, what you use your PC for and what cofig you have in all.

    Normally i5 proccys are better than i3, so out of the blue anyone would say i5! But its the above details that matter more.
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