Problem with selecting motherboard for physcx

Hey, I am new to sli/crossfire. Would a setup like this work on a crossfire board. I did try to get a sli board, but the store nearby doesn't have one. Would this setup cause problems because I am also using a AMD processor.

GTS 250 Graphics
9600GT for Physics
Asus 785TD-V-EVO

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  1. With hacks maybe but it may do damage. I never tried it. I dont think it would be wise.
  2. I wouldn't even bother. That board will only run at x4 in the 2nd slot and there are only a few games that ACTUALLY take advantage of Physx. Not to me mistaken with Physics. I wouldn't worry about it. It will just suck power and from what I gather it can actually rob a frame or two when it sits idle.

    PS. if you want a performance boost you can turn on the Advanced Clock Calibration on in your Asus bios. This will unlock the other 2 cores in your 550BE. My buddy JUST did this to one of his PC's and worked like a champ. The x2 and x3 Phenom II's are all quad cores with 1 or 2 cores disabled. At the beginning they would use chips that had bad cores, but their fab process has gotten so good that most of these chips have 4 working cores. Check out this link on the 555BE which is the same for the 550. And welcome the 2 new cores to your family.
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