Disk boot failure insert system disk press enter

Hello,I'm stuck and am in need of help.

I was going to put windows 7 on my aunt's computer. I tried booting from the disc at first but it was different than what I was used to as there wasn't a shortcut as the computer was booting up to select the boot method. I let XP boot up and all, then ran the disc. While it was expanding the files or whatever there was an error. I tried to start the computer again but got this error message: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: windows root>\system32\hal.dll.

I went into the bios settings and changed the boot priority to boot from the CD, so I disabled everything but the CDrom part, saved and restarted. When I do, I get this: Disc boot failure, insert system disc and press enter. I tried 3 different Windows 7 install discs and one XP disc but got the same thing. When I try to boot into safe mode I get the same hal error as before.

Now I took the disc drive out of my PC, disconnected hers, connected mine and retried it with the bios settings to optimized defaults. Now it goes through something with the mac address and doesn't work when I pull the network cable. When I only let it book from the CDrom drive, I get the disk boot failure error again. Help please.
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  1. I suspect the partial install corrupted the data on the hard drive in her system, IF she has the xp install disk you might get away with a boot from it and select restore/repair option if available or recovery otherwise.
    If not then below is next logical progression.

    For the next step going to have to ask, does she have windows 7 and is it a full version. If it's an update it's likely to be useless without a bootable system unless you have the xp disks that were functioning on her system.
    Worst case scenario, get your own computer working properly again.
    After yours is working correctly, power down and add her drive as a second in your system. Restart and go to administrative tools, computer management, storage and using the disk manger program identify her drive and delete any partitions, if successful leave drive with no partitions and reinstall drive in her computer and start the install process again.
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