Serious problem


I have a serious problem with the system below:

Motherboard : MSI 7387
Windows XP Professional

Senario, PC will just radomly shutoff with fans still running , monitor going blank and unable to restart, no blue screen. I have to unplug the PSU and reboot it from the begining.

I have checked the RAM against the MSI website, it seems ok , I have changed the CPU as well last night. It still has trouble.

One minute still in windows , next screen goes off and just fans run.
Replaced HDD still same.

What is the problem? Mobo problem maybe? Safemode is OK but not normal mode. BIOS update completed as well.
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  1. According to the MSI , it can take DDR2 667 RAM , I have tried putting a 667 stick in and still the same, the 512 MB 667 seemed ok in the PC. I have put a DDR2 800 which it happly booted but is giving problems , please help.
  2. I would first test your PSU to make sure that the proper voltages are being supplied. The only way to do this test is to use a volt/multimeter. Test the P1 connector while it is connected to the mobo and the PC is turned on.

    Take the black lead and touch any black wire on the P1 connector. Use the red lead to touch the following colors:

    Yellow wires should be 12 volts.
    Red wires: +5 volts,
    orange wires: +3.3 volts,
    blue wire : -12 volts,
    violet wire: 5 volts always on.
    Tolerances are +/- 5% except for the -12 volts which is +/- 10%.

    The next thing you should do is test your RAM - one stick at a time with - MemTest86+ . Download the .zip file containing the .iso file. Burn the .iso file to a cd as a bootable disc image. When the burn is complete, put the disc into the computer in question (restart if necessary) and allow the test to run.
  3. ref -

    In general, mixing RAM is not a good idea, they should be the SAME: Speed, CAS timings, Voltage, and Type.

    Q - "80 GB HDD" is this an SSD and if so what model?
    Q - What ports are ALL the drives located on?

    Q - What EXACT RAM? - please provide link(s) to the RAM.
    Q - What DIMM slots are they installed in?
  4. I have same problem with MSI785

    Uninstall program "... center" came from dvd MSI mobo, and my windows work fine.
  5. Hi , this is a new formatted PC with XP loaded from scratch , no utlities , nothing, as for the RAM , its the same type , only 1 stick of Apacer RAM and speed. The 80 GB is a Sata Model , not sure what model number though, I have tried DIMM 1 and DIMM2, still the same. The RAM is a PC6400U 1GB. The RAM is brand new. Nothing wrong with the RAM as it works fine in my other PC.

    I cannot provide links.

    Just to let you know I have tried both Sata ports onboard as well. I have also tried PC-5300 DDR2 RAM and still the same
  6. In 'Normal' mode run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic. If this corrects the 'problem' then it's a conflict.
    1. Load Diagnostic
    2. Load Diagnostic + Microsoft
    3. Load Diagnostic + Microsoft + Known {Apple, etc - SERVICES}
    4. Load Diagnostic + Microsoft + Known {Apple, etc - SERVICES} + Startup {KNOWN}
    5. Then start adding the rest 2-3 at a time; it is a slow process

    Otherwise assuming the RAM is okay then it's a bad Driver; update your drivers.
  7. How can it be a driver problem when It did the same during windows setup , no via drivers loaded;

    How can I run MS-Config while installing windows???
  8. Duh - then what da mean by -> "new formatted PC with XP loaded from scratch"

    Please explain?
  9. Hi, that PC was recently formatted with just OEM XP loaded, no drivers , nothing. still functions the same. Regarding the two posts, I have 2 PC's with 2 different mobo's in them. the MSI is my mom's and the Asus is my own PC with 2 different problems.

    The CPU it had was an 440 Celeron of which I removed and installed a 420 which the PC is fine now.

    I will keep updated if it gives any trouble again.
  10. I know to differ, an OEM XP is LOADED with Drivers, many of them the wrong drivers. Windows loads drivers the second the BIOS splash is done.

    Instead download a Clean XP SP3 ISO from Microsoft ->

    NEVER use an OEM version of an OS! Reformat & Reinstall clean OS.
  11. I am sorry if I said OEM , its actually VLK Retail.
  12. VLK is Volume Licence Key; still if the VLK version was meant for a 'different' PC then it sill has the wrong drivers. Example your office ordered 50 Dell 530 WS and you're using that installation on your MSI - ditto problem.

    Q - What EXACT CPU?
  13. It doesn't come with drivers. It is plain retail like you get from the IT shop, the VLK version.

    It had a celeron 440 , it has a Intel celeron 420 now.

    a VLK for OEM/Retail users which contains just the plain OS like you would do a plain install.

    I know what VLK is , I am a techinician that is a bit confused with the hardware. It has nothing to do with windows.
  14. Is the VLK SP1/SP2/SP3?

    The Celeron 420 (1.6GHz, A1, 35W) requires BIOS 2.0 or greater; P4M900M3-L requires BIOS 1.0 or greater.

    Also, I assume that you either did an F6 install of VIA SATA RAID driver or you performed an nLite OS.
  15. Hi

    It is fine now. It is running 2.0 which I updated from the website.

    I wil let you guys know what is happening soon.

    the VLK is SP3
  16. What did you do the 'fix' the issue?
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