TV-Tuner in Server?

If I will have TV-Tuner in Server... Can I watch live TV on all other PCs, HTPCs in my house?
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  2. I don't use DirectTV or DishNetwork, not even Comcast or anything like this.

    I have antenna for local channels.

    I am asking if I can have a TV-Tuner in my Server.
  3. Yes ... I did understand you ... This was the only tech I know will do what you are asking ...

    ... I would not even have answered but saw that your thread was going to page#2 with no response ... so I used this comment as a means to bump you back to the top of the stack ...

    ... Lotsa luck !

    = No Eye Deer =
  4. To answer the questions directly, yes, you can have a TV tuner card in your server.

    However, the reason Alvin Smith directed you to Direct TV and the Slingbox is because installing the TV Tuner in the server is one thing but being able to watch the TV video on the other pc's and you HTPC is another this altogether.

    Installing the TV Tuner card in your server will, for the most part, only allow you to watch TV on the server; unless you use a device or software that streams media to other computers.

    Along withe Slingbox, I recommend checking out the ATI TV Tuners and the ATI Multmedia Center. It's been a couple of years since I've used an ATI TV Tuner or the MMC, but I do remember it having media streaming functionality. If I remember correctly, it required one computer to act as a "media server" and installing a client on the other computers.

    Good luck!
  5. It depends on your software - both on your server and on your other PCs. Check out - a comparison of some of the more popular packages for doing this sort of thing.
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