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The new Nvidia GTX400's are around the corner and i'm wondering would there be a price drop for ATI HD5870's? Has anyone been following trends as to when the price drop occurs in order to compete with the new cards? what do you think? really tempted to buy the hd5870's vapor-x but can't do it knowing that the new nvidia cards are coming out (not that i'll be buying nvidia, but would like to save money if there'll be price drop...).
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  1. Usually there are price drops when ATI receives competition, however this time around it is probable the Fermi GTX 480 will be well above the HD 5870's price while not offering a whole lot of performance gain. It is very likely prices will remain the same, or continue to rise.

    I am waiting until the GTX 480 comes out before I jump ship to an HD 5870.
  2. Lately the rumor has been that the GTX 480 will actually be priced competitively at 449-499. If this holds true, we could see some drops on ATI's side. We'll find out when it happens.
  3. hmm sounds like no way to tell until you actually wait for Fermi's release. I guess that's what i'll have to do!
  4. God I hope so!!!!
  5. Soon it'll be the clash of the titans...exciting!
  6. "An Nvidia card that is better than an ATi card and resonably priced, so that prices will come down a bit."

    That is my prayer every night.
  7. so it is revealed, GTX480 is speculated as $499,99 and GTX470 as $349.99 and they have performance gain over 5870 and 5850 of 5-10%. Knowing ATI always being the "bang for the buck" kind of company, i wouldn't doubt some price drop in their cards. Although hard to say how much cheaper it will be. the HD5870 price varies anywhere from $400 to ~$480 depending on the edition/brand. I would be more then happy if they lower the price of HD5870 vapor-x to ~$400...
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