Corsair H50 running hot temps?

2 days ago I ordered the Corsair H50 and installed it last night. Now everything seemed cool as far as the installation process went but my cpu now runs hotter than before! I have a Phenom II 965 Black Edition (never overclocked it). During gaming with my stock cooler it was running up to 55C max but now its up to 65C. What could be the reason

p.s. The fan on the H50 is intake and its only one

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  1. Might wanna make sure the H50 is making proper contact with the processor...
    also what thermal compound are you using?
  2. Make sure that there are no air pockets in the coolant system.
  3. Sealed does NOT mean that it is sealed with no air pockets. Ever heard of manufacturing defects?
  4. Quote:
    The only way he could open it is if he cut the hard lines.

    I see your point - looked at the H50. No way of telling whether there are any air pockets. I don't feel comfortable when I cannot see, touch, hear, smell, and fondle things I purchase!
  5. The H50 isn't even all that great, but you get get better performance out of it by strapping some new fans to it - the stock fan is't all that apparently.

    Also check the airflow in your case, and also reseat the cooler on the CPU with fresh thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5 or MX-2 are the popular choices) and make sure you apply it properly.
  6. get a second fan and run one on the front and one on the back of the rad. Make sure you are pulling air INTO your case over the rad, not out from the case. The air in the case is hot and will not work well for the rad. I am running one and I am getting good temps.
  7. thanks for answering guys but I still wanna try something else like applying new thermal compound and getting rid of the stock one. I heard that Arctic Silver 5 is the popular choice?
    And also wanted to ask you guys what temps should I be shooting for with the H50 at idle and max load?

  8. i say just reapply the thermal paste like arctic ceramic or IC one.
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