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Nonstop Bluescreens

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December 14, 2010 5:47:21 AM

Hi everyone,

i'm pulling my hairs here, i've upgraded my pc recently and ever since i get bluescreens like on the win98 era. My reliability graph has hit 0 wiht 27 crashes a day.I'm a IT support guy myself but i am running out of ideas maybe some of you have some weird experience with something that i could try out.

I dont know exactly what category to put this in as i have yet to find out what is the problem.

I've got the folowing specs:

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2ghz (3.6ghz Turbo Cored)
Asus Crosshair Formula IV
Corsair 2x4gb 1333mhz DDR3 9-10-10-25-34 1.6v
Sapphire Radeon HD5870 1GB Vapor-X
Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000M - 1000W PSU
NZXT Phantom Black Case

I use Windows 7 x64 on a OCZ Vertex 2E 120gb
I use Avast antivirus if it helps anyone knowing.

This is quite a long story so hang on.

Since i purchased i had Mushkin ram rated 1600mhz, these would not boot on 1600mhz setting i eventually found out on the mushkin site that the ram was only for intel mobo's so i ordered the corsair that i read on the corsair page are phenom II compatible.

In the meantime i've received some back-up ram from where i work, some levono ddr3 i used those but those bluescreened too just like the previous ones, i didnt think anything of it, i said well these might also be intel memory, so after i got my corsairs guess what, the same damn bluescreens.

I ran some memdiagnotics and it turns out the memory is fine, so what else?

I must add here that the only common thing in the bluescreens is they mostly are "System service exception 3b" from what i read on the internet is common for a hardware fault. The actual thing crashing is "Insert Random driver file from system32". I've rarley had the same bluescreen twice, i think i'm getting a slideshow of all the possible bluescreens in Windows 7 :) ).

As of yet i havent changed any of the CPU-GPU but i plan on doing it.

Other things i did:
-I ran Drive sweeper and tried different versions of the ATI display driver, it seems that if i run the driver that came on the disc with the card meaning 10.4 (current driver is 10.11) i get mostly display driver error (funny heh). Once i upgrade i get "Insert random driver file " error. I've tried dozens of ATI display drivers versions.
-I tried with Turbo Core turned off
-I tried underclocking the CPU
-I tried underclocking the GPU
-I tried underclocking the RAM (This caused more bluescreeens)
-Uninstalled all other drivers like - Chipset,lan,usb,audio,hdmi drivers.

-I cleaned any unused drivers using the show hidden driver parameter so the device manager shows unused drivers.

Things let to try:
-Swap GPU
-Swap CPU
-Use another HDD to do a Fresh Win 7 Install.

I am also familiar with using WINDBG to de bug bluescreens, problem is they are never the same file this makes me thing that there must be some other reason, as you cannot have a bad version of every driver existent in windows. So bluescreen dumps are of not much help here.

I fear for the worst namley a hardware fault/ incompatibility its nearing cristmas and you know if i end up too late i wont have a working system on the holidays :( 

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December 14, 2010 8:08:30 AM

If you want i can collect minidumps it only takes me one or two days to get you about a 100, each with a different 0x000.. error codes. If it makes sense to you. Also thx i went trough that thread few days ago.
I've currently reading something about removing the autovoltage on everything and setting voltages manually and timings on ram, but theres 9 parameters on the ram 5 extra of those standard 4 so currently trying to see how that goes.
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December 15, 2010 7:57:24 AM

I think i got it, i had to enter the memmory timings manually and use JDEC#4 instead of the XMP timings. It's pretty confusing you have nothing informing you of what timings go where, corsair website does not help much except for the 4 timings with whitch it did not work, i had to fire up AMD overdrive to get all 11 parameters then enter frequency + voltage, i had to manualy edit a AMD profile and import it as settings as some parameters couldn't even be entered into some fileds the values did not exists, i let the ram at 1.6V like in the XMP profile just for stability sake i had enough bluescreens.

Currently running 24h with no bluescreen, i didnt strees test it a lot but it should have BSOD-ed a couple dozen times by now.

The Ram is :

My current parameters are:

Voltage 1.6v

Trp 9
Trrd 6
Trcd 9
Tras 26
Twr 11
Twtr 6
Trtp 6
Trc 35
Td 9

It is sad that these parameters don't get autoconfigured in the BIOS even if they have a profile, and that even then the values for the profiles are not entered into any manual or paper, there is only the little sticker on the modules that tells you only the 4 standard ones freq and voltage.Also only AMD OVerdrive was able to read from the memory profile the full range of timings, not even CPUZ showed anything more then the standard.

Thank you very much for your help, i hope it stays stable and that this was indeed the problem.
December 15, 2010 11:21:28 AM

x3style, I had a very similar issue with a new i7-930 build I set up back in June. Everything worked fine on startup the first time, I even set up the boot/light jumpers right the first time, however within five minutes my system crashed, and would crash 20+ times per day the next several days.

I tried everything I could think of: testing each stick of RAM a stick at a time, reinstalled all the components checking for damage and ensuring nothing was damaged, testing the components I could test in a friend's setup.

Finally I manually set the RAM timing to factory spec and the issue was gone! It went from crashing every 1-5 minutes to running for weeks at a time. The only issue I have now is that for some inexplicable reason when I turn my system off then on again, the BIOS likes to try and lower the timings, so I have to enter the BIOS screen after restarting and change the numbers.

Let us know if you stay stable or not.
December 20, 2010 6:47:05 AM

Well i've been stable for a while back then like a little bit over 48h while not doing much then idle with stuff running, as soon as i started playing 3D games it started again.

I since received feedback from corsair i modified some timings and still nothing.

On the other hand since my last modification i notice that only the BSOD showing a crash in atikmdag.sys systematically occurs.

I did susspect that the BSOD's come from 2 different sources, i since tried 16 versions of ATI display drivers, and all BSOD.

So it might again be the ram or i really have no idea.