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I just got my new 120 gb SSD and was attempting to do a clean install by booting from a USB with windows 7 on it, everything was going fine till i ran into the issue where it says that there's no partition only to find that the reason was because of the USB drive itself and that you have to disconnect all storage but the SSD which i'd be unable to since i do not have windows 7 on a disc.

the only disc drive i own is an old IDE
and the only windows i own on disc is windows xp home

so i hooked up my old PC parts and got windows xp installed onto the SSD working flawlessly....except taking the SSd and putting it with my Regular PC causes bluescreens

A Stop error with pci.sys on it

i figured if getting windows xp on the SSD and transferring the SSD to my usual PC i could install windows 7 from their but now i'm unable to do so

I don't know what to do so can anyone here help me?
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  1. So you need a copy of Windows 7 to fix the USB drive issue, to do an install on your new SSD?

    Ask a friend with the same version. Use your product key. Since you dropped the money on a new SSD, buy a OEM copy of Windows 7. I know it's $109-199.

    And since all was ponked with the install, secure erase the SSD before trying again, Get the Linux Bootable USB Tool for OCZ (if its an OCZ drive). or try Parted magic, as it has a secure erase function (same as OCZ's). You need to create another bootable USB drive.

    Then fix your Windows install USB drive.
  2. Installed windows 7 now works fine on my old crappy hardware but when I put it into my good hardware it blue screens every time right after windows loads
  3. I should also add I have no sata disc drive to install anything so I have to use my old motherboard to use my IDE disc drive and I'm not sure windows supports motherboard swapping without reinstall which makes it impossible for me to install on my best hardware since I have no disc drive for my good hardware
  4. You might need a firmware update to the SSD. Is it a Crucial M4? They are known for that.

    And yeah, too many components changed violates the Microsoft EULA.

    So it is not the USB drive? If you installed Win 7 to your "old crappy'?
  5. I figured it out I launched the startup repair while using my good of with my new ssd in it and fixed the issue. It was a conflict with drivers from my old motherboard conflicting wih my good mobo now I'm installing while booted into windows 7 on my good mobo to ensure drivers work with he ssd
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