Q6600 vs Q8200 Power Consumption

What is the exact power consumption of the Q6600 (by itself) vs the power consumption of the Q8200 (by itself)?

I've looked up reviews, but all of them include the entire system power consumption - which makes the two incomparable because
the systems tested always seem to be totally different.

Q6600 power bench:

Q8200 power bench:,2366-13.html

I'm guess-timating the Q8200 at 2.33GHz consumes about 100w idle/150w load, and the Q6600 (G0) at 2.4GHz consumes about 120w idle/180w load?
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  1. Here is what they are rated at that should be their max at full load at stock clocks.
  2. the q8200 consumes less power but a little harder to overclock.
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    I actually measured the power consumption of my Q6600. At stock speed, under P95 load, the CPU pulls 8 amps through the power regulator. OC'd to 3.6 GHz, under load, it pulls 9.5 amps or about 115 watts.
  4. cool thanks!
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