Lightning struck, computer won't power on?

The green light just tells you that the 5VSB rail is still functional, not that the PSU as a whole is still functional. To confirm that the PSU is still functional perform the steps shown in this video by corsair.

Also go through the boot checklist, it can help you identify your failed part
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  1. Lightning struck my house and now the computer won't power up at all.

    I unplugged the power cord from the computer, replugged it in and that hasn't helped. Power cord tests fine on the meter, power outlet is fine and the power strip is fine.

    inside the computer there is a green light glowing on the motherboard so i assume that tells me that at least the power source is not damaged.

    How do i trouble shoot this to find out the problem? Could the hard drive be damaged.

  2. thanks...
    I will go thru those steps
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