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Low profile cooler for i5 3350p, help please.

I'm building a mini itx based build. The case I'm using: is
IN WIN BP655.300TB3L

According to newegg the case has a clearing of about 99mm. Also the case has heating issues. I'm thinking I should grab a different cooler rather than use stock, and put a couple of low price case fans in there. Any suggestions? I'm looking for low profile case fans and CPU cooler, thanks!
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More about profile cooler 3350p please
  1. I don't plan on overlooking past the given turbo boost because its not a k series. This is going to be for my girlfriend. An htpc/gaming 80%/20% respectively. Mostly general use, HD streaming, black ops 2, far cry 3 are some titles off the bat.
    For games I'm trying to achieve a 60fps on 1080p at medium settings.

    Budget is kind of not an option, I'm grabbing the 3550p besides the 3570k because she doesn't need that much power (I.e overclocking terms).

    I haven't decided on the mobo yet. I'm recycling her old hard drive of 500gb. Going to grab a 60-90gb ssd boot drive. 1600 MHz of 8gb (g.skill maybe). 350watts seasonic 80 gold psu. Haven't decided on a video card yet (gotta be a decent one).
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    the Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile is a powerful low profile cooler, however it is very expensive

    the Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile or CoolerMaster Vortex Plus Low Profile are two other options at a lower price point
  3. stock intel cooler is fine why not use it?
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