5870 which brand is better??

I am getting a 5870 and I was wondering if there was any real big difference if I were to choose one brand or the other??
I know some clock theres higher and I didn't think that made a huge difference.
Each company always has a different cooling setup and I figured its worth choosing one that will stay colder, but then again I wondered
if each brands temperature was really that much different.
The Diamond had a good price tag of only 389 via the EGG, which is quite affordable for an enthusiasts card.
With some close to 500 I didn't think that it was really worth the extra money to get the same thing.
The only difference is the PCIe one had 2.1 and the other 2.0, and some use water cool and the others fan.
They all have a limited 2 year, while the XFX is lifetime via registration.
This is all excluding the new E-6 ones.
Anyways if anyone has some info or want to vouch for one or the other let me know.
They all are sweet looking and I guess I can pick which one looks the coolest! lol
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  1. After going through most of them the best one to buy as far as the stats go
    it would the MSI Lightning! Its clocked higher than all the others, it has an insane cooling rig on it, but it requires 2 8 pin connectors which won't be a problem.
    The only problem compared to the rest is its 500$.
    I suppose I can always mix and match but I would like to run the best of the best, but I would like to save some money if thats possible with out losing quality!
  2. I dont think theres much between them in performance or quality, just offers such as included games and warranty.

    Personally I always go for Sapphire.
  3. Personally, I found little difference with reference cards and aftermarket cards because you can always oc them yourself. The only difference is how cool the cards are kept. Generally, the cooler the card, the higher you can oc them.

    The MSI card you saw is OK, but if you dont plan to oc then go for the cheaper card (ie reference card). The only difference is the label.

    Spend a portion of your savings and install a couple of 120mm case fans adjacent to the card to keep it cool.

    Good luck.
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    ASUS EAH. You can up the voltage on the card. I run CODMW2 at 2560x1600 4AA and run at 100 FPS with a overclock at 950
  5. Yeah I do like the cooling systems on some but I am getting the C 690 2 case, and it has a GPU bracket to hold the heavy cards and theres a 80mm on the bracket also theres an 8th pci slot on the side of the regular 7 and I am getting pci slot fan setup, for even more air. So cooling wont really be a problem my computer is going to be a fan with metal hooking it together lol.
    Back to the cards, I think the cheapest one the Diamond is good enough, also I liked the power color an HIS. I guess it dosent matter I am paying for warr., and CS. The price dosen't really constitute higher value card, besides there little cooling system, which is cool, they really don't make cool, after market fans, so I guess since I have the money I liked just to pay for the cooling system as is.
    So if anyone has or had a problem with the sapphire, his or power color let me know. I am going to wait till the 5870-6's get around and see if some of the prices drop also with the Fermi's cards hopefully they both drop prices on it so I can buy 2 of them!!
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  7. I forgot abou this thread, but I have decided one ASUS all the way,
    I might get a 5870 or 5850 either way its going to be asus!!!
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