Will this fit?

Case : CM HAF 922
PSU : Corsair HX750W
RAM : Team Xtreem D3-1600 4GB
GPU : Sapphire 5850 1GB Toxic
CPU Cooler : CM Hyper 212+
Mobo: MSI GD-80 i5-750
HDD : WDC Caviar Black 1TB

I need to know if all these fits nicely in the CM HAF 922 case? And are all the parts compatible with each other? Would gladly appreciate it if there are any suggestions or comments. Most probably using the computer just for gaming and some Office and Photoshop. Might dabble in overclocking a bit, but nothing too extreme.

Budget is about 1500 usd. Thanks.
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  1. Hello! Yes! all those parts will definitely fit. My friend has the same case with a 5870. And they all are compatible with each other. But with a $1500 you could build a better computer:

    My suggestion: Something like:

    1. CPU: i7:930 $295

    2. Mobo: ASUS P6X58D $310

    3. Cpu Cooler: Cooler Master: $60

    4. GPU: Ati 5870: $399

    5. HDD: wdc Caviar 1tb: $120

    6. RAM: G-skill 1600 ddr3 4gb: $107.

    8. PSU: Corsair 750: $100

    Total: 1391.

    9. Case: CoolerMaster Cosmos: $170

    TOTAL: $1561.

    This will be top of the line PC. a Dream pc for me.
  2. Everything fits fine, but that's probably too much board for the build and not a preferred brand with most of us. Personally my ranking goes Gigabyte>Asus>ASrock>MSI>the rest.

    Since I'm not sure where you are at I can't link anything for you... Team Xtreem an Aussie brand? Yes it is
    CL 9, not so good.

    Here you go, G.skill CL 8

    Here's a very nice Asus

    Or a more reasonable Gigabyte

    Note these boards have SATA III and USB III.
  3. To Proximon,

    Actually, i'd be buying everything from a shop and not

    well, i chose the msi gd-80 because of this article (,2494-16.html )

    it said " MSI’s P55-GD80 performed well, overclocked competitively, and offered many features, but didn’t win anything. As rebates come and go, it might be the best value of today’s contenders, depending on where and when it’s purchased. ".

    And i think i'll be able to overclock it easier as it has some OC genie thing?

    what exactly is sata 3 and usb 3 ? do i really need it? and, is it possible to fit a 2nd ati 5850 in the long run with this msi board and cooler master cabinet? i might upgrade with a 2nd 5850 when the time is right..

    as for the team xtreem ram, i was thinking about this one

    to nielnield,

    i checked the price list from the store i am going to buy from and it just is over my budget=/ i still have to get a monitor and speakers and a new keyboard and mouse and windows 7..

    i'm from singapore, so the prices are a bit different i think

    if i bought everything i've written up in my first post, the total price would amount to about 2700 SGD, (2000 USD ) ? including windows 7 professional 64-bit, samsung P2350, Altec Lansing VS2421 speakers and a razer lycosal and krait.

    sorry for the messy post, i'm not a very regular forum poster.

    btw, any suggestions? maybe i can downgrade something and upgrade my gpu for more gaming power?=D

    i think my build's fine already though, but any suggestions would be greatly welcome

    oh, and just to clarify, the shop doesn't sell any asrock or evga board, nor any gskill ram or mushkin or crucial.
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    MSI makes some interesting and fancy motherboards, yes. Their rep is lower based on reliability. I strongly recommend learning how to OC and doing so from the BIOS, not an automatic Windows program.

    I didn't check your prices on the MSI, just mine here in the US where I saw it was pricey... If you are spending US $200 on a P55 board you are often better going for an X58 board and i7 930.

    MSY usually has the best prices down there and they have several branches.

    Here we have their pdf parts list:

    You can easily look up the USB or SATA thing, but I'll give you the short answer. They are both faster. Might not help you today, but your next hard drive (SSD) or USB devices will likely benefit from the increased speed.

    The specs are fine on the Team RAM you linked. I have no experience with the company, but have seen others from your country use it in builds.

    I think your choice of the HAF is fine. The Cosmos could accommodate the GPUs fine also.
  5. One of the 2 WD Caviar Black 1 TB drives out right now uses SATA 6 Gb/s, so depending on which one you buy, that motherboard feature may actually come into play. Otherwise, I'm in total agreement with Proximon's recommendations.
  6. Hey! If you are from singapore, you can use Vpost and buy from newegg :) it's always cheaper to buy online! especially computer parts.

    You buy the item, ask them to ship to a local address in the US and Vpost will send it to you in singapore. So you can buy from any US based online store even if they don't ship internationally.

    But if you prefer to buy locally the 5850 will perform just fine in most games. If you want more gpu power, you could get a 500gb hard drive instead of 1tb. And use the retail cpu cooler that come with the i5. And get the 5870.

    Again, my best advice is to buy online. I so much cheaper and you have a lot more options.
  7. Ooops I missed the Singapore bit.
  8. Ok, thanks everyone=D. will probably stick to buying from the shop as it's easier and faster=D

    so final build will be maybe erm

    Case : CM HAF 922
    PSU : Corsair HX750W
    RAM : Team Xtreem D3-1600 4GB
    GPU : Sapphire 5850 1GB Toxic
    CPU Cooler : CM Hyper 212+
    Mobo: MSI GD-80 i5-750
    HDD : WDC Caviar Black 1TB

    Monitor : Samsung P2350
    OS : Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    Mouse : Razer Krait
    Keyboard: Razer Lycosal
    Speakers : Altec Lansing VS2421

    Approx Price : 2700 Singapore dollars = 1 933.9587 U.S. dollars

    I don't think I'll need the SATA 3 or USB 3..

    Also, i can stick an additional 5850 into this build if i want to, can i ?
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