Trouble installing lga 775 chip

Ok so im building a small htpc with a celeron e3300 and this motherboard:
I dont build many intel pc's, but when i do i hate how overcomplicated they make the socket :fou: . On this board, after the cpu is inside but before i close that small metal hatch thing, i run into a problem. If you look at the pictures of the socket on this motherboard, you see that it has two bumps that prevent you from completely closing it. I read and people say apply pressure, but if i apply the amount of pressure needed to force the cpu in in this case, the motherboard would most likely crack. I need help guys :pfff:
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  1. It does take a slight bit of pressure to secure the latch I always install the CPU before I mount the motherboard and I have built over 30 socket 775 systems and never had a problem with a motherboard cracking securing the CPU. Its those dam Intel heatsink pins you really have to worry about.
  2. Collie147 said:

    No not the little half circles, those line up fine. Its the metal part that you lift up, the fin/bump things it has facing the inside prevent me from completely locking the cpu in place.
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