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I have an Acer laptop with the stock Toshiba Hard Drive. I recently got a BSOD that said something about KERNEL. The computer restarted after that, but about a half hour later it BSOD again. After that, the windows recovery started up. While it was searching for the partitions the battery died. From that point, when I turned the computer on it does not recognize the hard drive. It's not visible in the BIOS.

I've tried hooking it up to my other computer via a sata cable and sata power cable. At first, it showed up in the bios, but it didn't show up under My Computer of Disk Management. Now, it's not even showing up in BIOS. I can feel the disk is running, but neither computer is recognizing it.

Any ideas what might be wrong and what I can do to fix it?
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  1. Does the disk make a clicking sound (that means it's dead)?

    My guess is that the drive has failed.
  2. I didn't hear any clicking sounds. I can feel a pulsing vibration while it's plugged in.
  3. see if toshina has some drive tools like seagate.if the tools software cant see the drive then it dead. if it does you may need some 3 party software recovery tools to redoo the hard drive partions.
  4. I found something here... http://storage.toshiba.com/storage-services-support/warranty-support/software-utilities

    Would something like the DOS Diagnostic Tool Ver. 7.0 work if I just burned it on a CD and booted to that CD?
  5. I tried the DOS tool listed above and it doesn't appear to work on a 64-bit system. Are there any third party programs that will do this?
  6. Does anyone else have any ideas?

    I'm wondering if there is something I can do before going to a professional. I'm slightly encouraged due to the fact that it wasn't making any click sounds, it sounded like it was spinning up when plugged into another computer (can't tell if it's spinning up while in the laptop), and it was briefly recognized in the other computer.
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