HDMI SOUND Problem Conecting to TV

Hi guys,

I need Help!!I bought an hdmi cable about 10 meters long for my cousins Pc and trying to connect it to his LCD TV!His Specs are:

Gainward GeForce GTX285 2GB!And an LCD TV SONY 32' HDMI READY it reaches 720p i think!
NOw when i connecting it i use dual view but as i connect i have scrutching sound out of the tv
The picture is good but the sound is horrible!
He has an Audigy 2 Sound card if that helps you!

I would apreciated if somone can help me with this!!

Thanks you for your time
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  1. Maybe someone can confirm this as im not 100 percent sure but i didnt thing Nvidia cards could do the sound over the HDMI. I was under the impresion that you needed to run a SPDIF cable from the GPU to the motherboard and then take a second sound cable to the TV.
    Can anyone yay or nay that for me ?

  2. thanks mactornic but second sound cable to the tv?i didnt use a soundcable for the tv.I think Hdmi does it all!!!!
  3. Hey there,

    Under sound manager (right click on volume symbol @ bottom far right corner of desktop), under "playback" select "speakers" as default. Configure using the wizard.

    In general, I found standard TV speakers inferior to PC sound (depending on what speakers you are using of course). Also, your cousin has a sound card so Im assuming he has a decent set of PC speakers.

    Good luck.
  4. Here's the way how to make it work. One of my pc is fitted with GTX 280 OC and XFI card. I get my sound through: sound card-> SPDIF cable->BFG GTX 280OC/HDMI -> HDTV/HDMI.

    SPDIF Connection:
    Hardware Audio Link:
    NVIDIA video card don't have a sound chip. It uses a pass-through solution. You need to connect the SPDIF connector of your sound card to the SPDIF connector of your 285. This will accomplish your Physical link from your audio card to your video card/HDMI port.

    note: ATI card (i.e. 4890) have a built-in realtek audio chip on its video card. NVIDIA has no built in audio chip.

    If you don't have the SPDIF audio cable call GAINWARD and they will sent you one. MY BFG card came without it. I callend BFG and it sent me HDMI & SPDIF cable.

    Go to Control Panel. Open Sound Sections. At The sound section select SPDIF as the main playback option.

    Check your audio source or video players settings. Make sure it use the SPDIF as audio output.

    Close audio/video source after you made the changes.

    After the above stated changes you should get a sound on your 285/HDMI.

    On your TV check the setup and make sure that the specific HDMI video input is set to auto or digital for audio source. In that way it will take the audio from the HDMI-port.

    Good luck
  5. Ah right so i got it a little backwards then the SPDIF sends the onboard sound to the card to pass out to the TV via the HDMI cable, is that correct ?
    Its not really something i ever bothered to get into. If i want to play something from the PC to the TV i just burn the data disc and my DVD player plays it.
    I have an open fire between the TV and PC as well so running the 4 meter cable would be a pain and would look bad as well.

    Mactronix :)
  6. Until Fermi comes out... At least for GTX 280 that i have the sound through HDMI is attain as describe on my earlier post. BFG sent me the DVI/HDMI converter, HDMI-cable & SPDIF- cable.

    Sound card ->SPDIF->BFG GTX 280 OC/HDMI-> HDTV/HDMI

    The cables can be purchased on local computer stores such as Fry's
  7. thank you all i will try this and tell you the results!
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