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Just picked up my Storm Trooper case yesterday and installing all my components today.I also picked up a Corsair H100i for water cooling.The guy at tiger direct told me to install the rad on top, inside the case and blowing cool air down into the case and the big 140 fan at the back will exhaust the hot air out.Is this the best setup for the storm trooper case..Oh ya,almost forgot.Is push pull a good thing to do with a h100i.I picked up 2 extra noctua 120 fans in case I needed them for a push-pull config.Please let me know what you suggest.Thanks.......
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  1. That will work fine and push pull configure is an extra few degrees knocked down, personally I'm not a fan of dumping the heat in the case I don't think it makes much difference performance wise to set up the h100i blowing air out of the case and i think it will allow you to control your fans to quieter speeds too as you would have to have the 140 fan at the back going fast to get rid of the unwanted heat
  2. Thanks.When I hook her all up later tonite I will try your reccomendation on exhausting out.The case has 2 120 mm fans in the front of the case and the big 140 at the back.Its also got a 200 mm fan up top but I think its got to be removed to put the rad and fans up top.
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