i hope some one out there can help me with this.i just got done building this computer ..1)asrock g31m-s....2)2 gb of mushkin ram....3)e5200....4)seagate 7200.12 500gb harddrive.....5)xfx gt 220 1024 video card. i own wondows 2000 pro and luv it but couldnt find drivers for the video card,so(i guess like an idiot)i bought a copy of xp off of ebay.well it turns out that it was a pirate copy and now microsoft is on my tale to do something about poor it took me all last year to save up the money to build this computer,so my funds are severly is there anybody out there that can help me find a driver for my xfx gt 220 so i can just use windows 2000.this pc was suppose to be used to take online classes and using my nieghbors pc which is getting old very fast
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  1. You may just be SOL on the drivers. After all, that OS is practically dead. Microsoft is going to stop supporting it soon. However, if you have an educational e-mail address (ends in .edu), you can get a copy of Windows 7 for $65.
  2. Just use the Windows XP driver if you have 64 bit OS do XP 64

    eek NVM its early i miss read that
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