What happened to my RAM?

I have 2GB of RAM, (PC running Windows 7 Ultimate) and have shared 128MB for the Intel GPU on my Core i3-530. Then my PC detects my RAM as 1.75GB.

My question is, what happened to the remaining 128MB?

Ps. I took it as 1.75 GB = 1GB + 1GB*(3/4), then 256MB remains, of which I have shared 128MB to the GPU. But what of the remaining 128MB?
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  1. Windows creates a small system file when installed. It's normal to lose a small amount of ram.
  2. The 'other' devices require 'cache' to operate, in addition check your BIOS to confirm that 128MB and not 256MB is set as Dedicated to the GPU. Actually, 128MB is rather low.

    Q - What MOBO do you have?
    Q - Do you have a Dedicated GPU and if so what model?
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