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This is going to be my first, computer build and the only thing i don't know much about is the jumpers on a mother board, I know what they do, they are used to close circuits and such, what I don't know is where and how to place them. When I buy a motherboard will the jumpers come already on it or will I have to put them on myself? If so how do I go about doing that, like where do I put them? O.o

Thanks, Ryan
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  1. The jumpers are typically few in numbers, they do come with the MOBO, and you 'should' leave them where they are placed.

    You'll need to move them only if you're doing some crazy OC or have a very high-end MOBO with 3/4-WAY SLI/CF where you're switching on/off PCIe lane or require some crazy voltage. {Diagnostic and OC}

    Your manual will state EXACTLY where they go and reasons to move them; 99.9% of the time they need to be left alone.
  2. Other than CMOS reset, most modern mobos don't have jumpers. Settings are made in BIOS.
    AS jaquith stated, all info will be in the manual. (RTFM)
    You can download the manuals from mobos you are interested in from the manufacturers website (usually) and go thru them before purchasing.
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