What ssd should i get?

Im looking to buy a new ssd for my OS, and cloning my old 50 gb ocz vertex 2 to it then using the vertex 2 as a cache for my hard drive. I would perfer to keep the price at 100 or below, but if there is a really good reason to spend more id be willing to go up to about 150usd. The amount of space dosent matter all that much but id perfer it to be at least 90gb. Id also like the drive to be reliable so it wont fail on me in college in the next 4 years.

A few ive been looking at: Good price, decent amount of space, low number of reviews. Same as above just dont know much about the brand. Seems to be a fan favorite, but has a low amount of storage space. Good price, plenty of space for OS and a few programs, low number of reviews and dont know much about adata ssd's.

Im also open to other suggestions... would it be worth waiting for newegg to have a sale or wait for another shell shocker? I know the adata ssd will go up in price after today. Im not in really any hurry to buy the drive but would like to order it sometime by the end of May.
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    This one don't get the other ones their crap compared to this!
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    Of the 4 solid state drives you linked to the Crucial m4 is probably the best bet. It is very popular with gamers and enthusiasts.

    You may also want to consider the Samsung 830 series ssd's.
  3. I know that samsung 830 ssd's are good, but i have a hard time justifying spending $110 for a 64gb ssd when i could get an 120 gb ssd for $105. Are Samsung 830's really that good? Their write speeds are quite a bit lower than some of the ones ive listed above with ethe exception of the m4.
  4. Samsung 830s and Crucial M4s are pretty much the best. Intel is also great, but they trade off of price/performance for more enterprise features/quality.

    The 830s and M4s will get your close to their maximum much more than the other drives. When you see SSDs claiming "up to 520MB/s writes", think of Comcast saying "Up to 100Mb/s", but then you only get that when you don't need it and the average is closer to 30Mb/s.
  5. Ok, what are the difference between these two? Reason im asking is because one is free 2 day shipping.

  6. Difference is in the thickness.
    one is 7 mm and the other is 9.5 mm
    Only make a diff if installing in a laptop, may not be interchanable.
    No performance difference.

    Benchmarks normally quoted are for Sequencial performance and use data that is HIGHLY compressable. (A) - Sequencial performance, Least important parameter for an OS + Program drive. B) Use of highly compressable data is not realistic as the majority of the files on an OS + program drive do NOT tend to be Highly compressable, some compression yes.
    An this is the reason that in day-to-day usage not a nickels woth of difference in many cases.

    Have 2 x 128 gig M4's, 2 120 gig Agility III ( a Sata II SSD with a Sata III wrapper), a 128 gig 830 Plus about 5 older generation SSDs.
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