AMD Phenom II x4 940 BE (Deneb) running HOT idle..

I just got the aforementioned processor. I installed it, and made sure my airflow was fine, and when I booted up I was running at 50C idle. This seemed rather high to me, even with their "break in" period.

I've reapplied the paste several times (arctic silver 5) thinking I had air pockets, accidental oils, etc, perhaps, with no luck. Is this processor just very hot by nature? Can i expect a significant cool off with the break in?

At this point I'm afraid to load the processor. 62C is the max recommended for it..

The processor is running at 1.30v-1.35v. I was wondering if this is high? Voltage is on auto, bios is up to date as it gets right now. The range was listed as 0.85v-1.5v.

Any help is appreciated, and my hair follicles will love you for not having hair ripped out of them.

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  1. It takes a couple of days for the thermal paste to cure so to speak after which the temps should drop a couple degrees anyways.According to specs the voltage is ok,however,you could try lowering the voltage and run a couple of benchmarks to make sure of system stability.Lower it to 1.25 or 1.20 even.Lowering the voltage will help to lower the temps a bit.Otherwise I'd say you got a hot running cpu.If all else fails,purchase a good aftermarket cooler.Goodluck.

  2. Mine was never running that hot at idle. Usually 35-38.

    Some other details? Cooler, house temp, case cooling.
  3. I'm going to assume cool n quiet is off, if it's on than your idle temp is way to high. What is the ambient temperature? Are you using the stock cooler?
  4. You should apply only a very thin layer of thermal paste.

    Lower the voltage in BIOS to 1.1. or even 1.0.

    You can get an aftermarket CPU cooler like the cheaper Cooler Master Hyper 212+
  5. Heh, sorry for the slow reply. I have a craptastic generic case but with 4 case fans, so airflow is alright, goes from front to back generally speaking. I was using the stock cooler, maybe that was my issue, got an aftermarket one yesterday and it dropped the idle temp to 36-38.

    Thanks for the replies, and sorry I didn't reply back sooner : )
  6. However, the cooler is big enough it doesn't really fit in the case, so I'm needing to upgrade. Are there any cases that people know of that are quality, with good airflow, full ATX size or bigger, that aren't too pricy?
  7. I have the same thing Ashenblue but my temp go up to 65C on idle. What kind of HS did you buy to drop your temps?
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