5870 10.2 driver issues

I have recently purchased and built a new system. I have downloaded and installed the 10.2 catalyst drivers for my sapphire vapor x 5870. I am having issues with pixels flickering in the areas where there I type the web address as well as the website tab is located at the top of this page. Theses are only a few areas. I played counter-strike yesterday and I was getting the same results. I tried wipping my drivers and downloading them and repeated this 3 times still with the same results. If anyone has any thoughts to a fix I can do let me know. I know its not my monitor because I had this with my older pc and didnt have any issues.
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    I am on 10.3 now but did not notice an issue on 10.2 like this at all. DO you have any NVIDIA drivers hanging around still on the machine?
  2. Im using 10.2 on a 5870 and the only issue im having is that I cant control the fan speed in the ATI control panel!

    Other than that im having no others issues.
  3. I don't even have a 5830 :cry: :cry:

    But my 5770's working OK
  4. No this is on an entirely new build:
    ATI 5870

    These could be the only other components that I could think of causing the issue. I have read that the 10.2 drivers are working well. I believe they are when it comes to zero crashes. However, when it comes to average use I am getting like I said the small random pixel flickers.
  5. Starges said:
    I don't even have a 5830 :cry: :cry:

    But my 5770's working OK

    Don't worry, the 5770 preforms very close to the 5830, and uses much less heat and power while doing that.
  6. I downloaded the 10.3 drivers and I am still getting the same results. The odd thing is when I am getting these on my desktop I can click and drag and they go away but then when I release they come back...really odd...
  7. Ok. After doing some research apparently I am getting artifacts on my screen. I have seen some bad screenshots. While mine are not as bad I am still getting them. Their worse during games though. Ill have to do more research and find what could be my culprit and I hope its not my video card.
  8. EM noise, or perhaps a PSU problem? Anyway, just make sure to isolate the monitor or monitor cable as a possible problem. Hook up the monitor to your old PC using the same cable, so if your using HDMI right now then use HDMI on your old computer, same if DVI or VGA. Sometimes a bad cable can cause such an affect, especially VGA since it's analog.
  9. My PSU is at 750w. I took my old 8800gtx out of my older PC and put it into the same PCIe slot(as the 5870) in the new build and I have no artifacts. Everything is running smooth. I think that limits it down to being a bad 5870. I guess I will have to RMA it. I have tried 3 different driver types and I get the same thing happening.
  10. I just put together a new system with PowerColor 5870's Xfire and I am having all sorts of flickering issues with games. Saints Row 2 and Red Faction are unplayable due to the flickering. Yet Dirt 2 works great. I've read that many people are having issues with these cards. There is an argument as to whether or not it is hardware or driver based. I don't know if I should RMA my cards and wait for Fermi or not. What a disappointment! Thanks
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  12. builderbobftw said:
    Don't worry, the 5770 preforms very close to the 5830, and uses much less heat and power while doing that.

    Yeah.. that helps alot :cry:
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