I'm driving myself nuts over a 1090T overclock!

Hey all, I really hope someone can help me right now.

I'm currently running a 1090T at 3.7Ghz on a ASUS Crosshair iv Formula. BIOS v2101 (stable)
I have 8GB of DDR3 1600 Corsair Vengeance (2x 4GB) running at 1600Mhz (stable)
CPU being cooling by a corsair H80.

The reason im posting here is because I keep seeing posts and overclocks of 4.0Ghz + with this CPU and I CAN NOT get there!!! I can boot while overclocked up to 4.2Ghz but windows will not complete start-up. I've tried bumping my NB/CPU voltage up to 1.4, my CPU voltage up to 1.54v and I've also adjusted my HT and NB Freq... nothing. My temps typically are 29c idle and 55c load at 3.8Ghz

I'll post pictures of my bios setup. If you think I can get 4.0+, please help a fellow geek.

Thanks ahead of time.



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  1. Cpu/NB at 1.4 is very high i wouldn't run it at that 1.3 is enough, you could try dropping the multiplier and raising the cpu bus frequency but you will also need to work on your ram doing this, you also seem to have your htt and NB frequency on auto if you had to sacrifice 100mhz or 200mhz off of 4ghz to have a high NB frequency that would be better for performance
  2. Lower DRAM Frequency
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