New Thermaltake Element G case

I have always wanted a nice aftermarket case and now I can say I love it. Side panels feel about twice as thick as old gateway case and every piece fits with ease, but very snug. 2x200mm fans(1 top exit 1 front intake) 230mm fan side intake(Side fan does not have a wire to attach when you take it on and off, it has a connector built in!!!) 140mm back exaust. You can add 2x60's ( heard small fans like that are pretty loud sometimes, but its probably about the same loudness as one of my Gateways 120 fan. Trickiest part is hiding wires in back due to being little room between side panel rear panel and chassis. I have never hidden wires before in a case as you can see in pics I still managed to do pretty good job. Components are:
ASUS EAH4770 Formula
6 Gig DDR2 800 RAM
WD 650 Gig HD
Antec Basiq 550w Modular PSU
AMD Phenom 9550 X4 CPU voltage tweaked from 1.200V to 1.250V
AMD CPU Cooler with 6 heat pipes
Windows7 Pro
Chipset, PCIex16, CPU are all +50mv from mobo

Surround View lets me use my mobo HDMI for my tv and does HDMI and sound through the HDMI

Plays everything I want including COD MW2 without a hitch

Pic after everything was hooked up

Pic with camera inside case facing front fan. You can also turn hard drive bay to face the side but this allows for more air flow. I put hard drive 2nd slot from bottom there is room for 2 there below fan to be taken out with out having to do anything but take front panel off. There are screws you have to screw into drives before putting them in, but then its all tooless from there for most part. see below
from the frong below

Close-up of mobo with everything hooked up

Power supply mounts on some rails plus has about 1/2in under case for plenty of air

and that is all folks. Hope you like my new case I do! Its a very solid budget build in my opinion
It is pretty big for a midtower but that doesnt bother me. We set it next to friends cooler master full tower and i was same height and wider than his. Box doesnt give exact dimension prob get that info on newegg or something. Paid 130 with free 3 day shipping from a place called chief value i found on internet. Happy Gaming!
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  1. freakin awsome wire tucking job!!! one of the cleanest PC's ive seen
  2. thank you much, will be adding new CPU cooler soon will post pics as soon as its complete :bounce:
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