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So im not an idiot when it comes to computers, i however have zero experience in installing SSDs. The actual installation isn't an issue, nor is the fresh windows install. My question is, would it be possible to export my old windows 7 registry files to the new one and avoid having to reinstall all my programs? I have a few programs/games i would like to completely uninstall and reinstall onto the SSD, however a majority of them are small enough where load times wouldn't be impacted in almost any way by moving them. (That and downloading all the installation files for them all would take forever :P). So heres the theory:

Backup entire windows registry.
Install SSD and boot to it to install windows.
Load up windows and overwrite its entire registry with the old one.

In my mind this would avoid having to reinstall every single program, but id rather take it from a professional before attempting it. I really just want to avoid spending 2-3 days reconfiguring/installing all my programs. Especially those like adobe master (which takes about 6 hours to download alone). Any professional opinions and/or other methods used to achieve this goal are welcomed, and thank you in advance :)
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  1. Make an image of your OS Drive. You can make a backup of all your files, programs, etc on an external hard drive or like 12 DVD's depending the size, and Windows can make an image file of that so all you have to do is basically 10 minute system restore.

    I know you can back up your registry, but I am not sure if you can use it on a fresh install. But I wouldn't doubt it.

    I'm not a fully certified professional, but I thought I could be of some help. And hopefully get a good answer so we can both be informed.
  2. When i reevaluate my theory i realize that all the registry entries would still point to the C drive to locate the programs, which would now be on the D drive. So i think i just shot down my own theory. Oh well i suppose ill just get a 256 gig and image it all over :p
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