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I have an MSI 770-G45 motherboard and I was wondering if the thing is a piece of junk or Do you all recommend a different brand? What brands are better for overclocking and core unlocking? I have a mid-tower case, the 770-G45 is ATX form factor and AM3 ready. I have a Phenom II X2 555BE and G.Skill Ripjaw 2x2gb DDR3 1333 RAM and a Radeon HD5770 video card.
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  1. The current AMD chipset is the AMD 890FX/GX, and I seriously doubt it will provide the 'improvements' you want with the Phenom II X2. I have no problems with MSI.

    The best bank for your buck is to upgrade the CPU e.g. Phenom II X4 955 Black->|19-103-808^19-103-808-TS,19-103-727^19-103-727-TS,19-103-851^19-103-851-TS

    CPU hierarchy
  2. The MSI is a good budget mobo, you can try to unlock that CPU on it.
  3. The 770 is a lower end chipset, but your still running a dual core, so I don't think upgrading the motherboard will help you at all, even if you upgrade to a quad core, that board will be just fine.
  4. okay thanks, yeah I picked up those parts because i was trying to stay around 600 bucks. PC gamer magazine said it was is good budget build that should work well for a couple years before needing any major upgrades. i knew it wasn't top end performance but it should allow me to play witcher 2 and diablo 3 and of course star wars old republic.
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