Nvidia 7800 or i3 Integrated Graphics

Okay, so I put together a new system with an intel i3 530, and I'm just using the integrated graphics. It's been working fine for me. All I do on this machine is play World of Warcraft, and it runs perfect on medium video settings.

But I just realized that I have an old NVIDIA 7800 GTX (maybe GT, I'm not sure) that isn't being used. My question is: Will I see a huge performance jump if I put the 7800 in?

I assume any graphics card will improve performance, since the gfx memory will no longer be shared with the rest of the system.. But since the 7800 is pretty old, and the i3 integrated graphics are pretty awesome, I'm not sure what the outcome should be.
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  1. I would try the 7800 for sure. The power of the I3 makes you think the integrated graphics are good. I'm not 100% sure tho.
  2. 7800 hands down since IGP use system ram and degrade overall system performance. The 7800 has it's own memory so it doesn't need to use the system ram unlike the integrated gpu while out performing at the same time.
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