Check Flash 1.16 - A Must have tool for everyone who owns a USB Stick

Check Flash (ChkFlsh) is a very simple flash drive testing and maintaining tool. This tool can be used to run a burn in read and write test on the USB flash drive. If it is able to survive after a few cycle, the USB flash drive should be OK. There are 3 access types and 5 action types for you to select. Other than checking for drive errors, it can also determine the read and write speed.

Check Flash is a free and single portable executable file. It can only test USB flash drives, and cannot be used for other external storage devices such as HDD.

Hope you benefit from it
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  1. Is this normally all in Russian? I don't normally trust anything in Russian since that's where 90% of viruses originate.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. :D :D
  3. It's a legit program. I would not download a random zip file from someone spamming the forums though. Get the program safely from here:,0301-22182.html

    Or here:
  4. Thanks!
  5. Ok this guy only has a few forum posts but after checking them he looks legit. Trys to help and is not just spamming this tool so it may be a legit download.
  6. I was going to say, all in russian, newcomer pointing us to the file. No way in hell I'm downloading this. Possibly a good tool if you need to test some flash drives I guess.
  7. Thanks y'all for your replies. I did not know it was available already on this site. And as for the Russian language, just delete the lang script, and it shall revert to English interface.
  8. Why would it be in Russian with a language script that sounds fishy to me to not be able to select a language from the installer if it does supposedly have English. No offence although you can't be too trusting of anything these days if your gut tells you otherwise.
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