Third monitor sometimes goes blank on 5770.

I am using a 5770 to push three displays. Two through the dvi ports and a third through the displayPort via an accell active DisplayPort to DVI adapter. Every couple of minutes the monitor attached to the displayPort wil flash on and off sometimes going back to normal and sometimes going onto power save mode. Sometimes I even see small horizontal lines on displayport monitor also. I read somethings about the voltage being too low on the 5770 itself but I don;t want to mess with that unless I have to. Has anyone else faced a similar problem or have any ideas where to start. Thank!!!
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  1. I am experiencing the exact same issue - you are not alone. 2 x HD5770 - Crossfire + Eyefinity with 3 monitors - resolution: 3456x2048. For me this only occurs during 3d rendering (games), though. The symptoms are the same - the DisplayPort connected monitor goes black for a few seconds, and it happens every 1 minute or so (the intervals are irregular). No fix for it yet - good thing I didn't buy three monitors, a second graphics card and an ACTIVE DisplayPort adapter (the need for which came as a complete surprise) so I could play games at 7MP - Oh wait, I did.

    I have had nothing but trouble with DisplayPort, and it seems to me, there was no need for another digital video interface standard - of course, the need arose after the hardware developers began ensuring their products wouldn't work unless the consumer used the DisplayPort interface.

    Hmm.. They create a product which there is no market for, and somehow being concerned about not making any money, they then create a market for it.

    Supply and Demand just got a splintered wooden pole launched up its butt!

    I will be sure to post a solution if I find one - if anyone has input, please...
  2. I found more of a work around than a solution but it helps me out. I downloaded the latest CCC and in ATI overdrive I underclocked everything to the bottom. I would bet if you gradually increased speeds you would be able to find the highest speeds possible to fix the issue. I know this is kind of a bullshit solution especially if you are a gamer and want the best performace from you GPU but so far thats all I got. If you find anything better let me know!
  3. I was having the third (Display Port) screen displaying a little bit of white-noise and blanking for a moment about every 20 or 30 seconds. Timing issue?

    I don't know if this will help anyone else, but here's how I got it to stop:

    - I turned off Eyefinity mode. Still had white-noise and blanking.
    - I turned off the monitor, and unplugged it the Display Port cable from the video card.
    - I double checked the dongle connection (my monitor requires an active dongle and I bought one that was endorsed by AMD).
    - I plugged the Display Port back into the card, and turned on the monitor. At first, it claimed there was a Display Port error, and the monitor behaved as if there were no video signal, but...
    - I re-enabled Eyefinity mode, and the screen came on without the white-noise or blanking.
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