Setting up LAN on D-Link 4100 for 2 home PC's For Gaming

Hay buddies.

I have a PC,and my Sister Has a PC, We want to play Multiplayer without using the Net Because we have Satellite Net.

How can we do this?

I tried setting up a LAN, But no luck,I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

We are in the Same house, using the same Router. ( D-Link 4100)

Like I said, We just want to play some Games together, Like Multiplayer.

We tried to get UT3 to work last night but, Every time I started a LAN game and looked for it on the other PC it wasn't there, FYI, when I would try to start/Host a LAN game it would say something about I may not have Port Forwarding or DNS hooked up right?

So any help I would Very much appreciate!

Thank you!
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  1. Turn off firewalls on both computers for one.
    Make sure both computers are in the same workgroup.
    Some games don't have a Lan option. UT3 does. Make sure your doing either a lan or local network game.
  2. Did that.

    Thanks anyway, I found out all the junk needed for setting it up.
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