Problems with Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS in Fullscreen games

Hey, whenever i play games in fullscreen i get an unplayable error, sometimes it goes away when i alt tab, and then tab back in again. But mostly i have to reboot, cross my fingers that it will work.

I do not get this ALL the time, but it's superfrustrating.

Most games can run in Windowmode, but not Starcraft2, or it can, but that's the only game i get the error in windowmode.

Sometimes screen just goes black, sometimes it's huge tears in ghrapic and sometimes computer just freezes completely.

I've tried numerous of Format C:s. I've tried 10-15 differet drivers, everyting from old drivers to really new drivers for the card.

This is driving me insane, anyone know what is causing this?

I have 4gb ram. Samsung Harddrive, Intel Dual core 3.16 ghz

Please help me, im desperate.
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  1. I forgot to mention, i've got windows XP, been trying with Windows vista and Windows XP 64bits aswell.

    There is no Heat issue, it's around 37 idle and 39-40 when playing games, all fans are working etc.
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