I5-3570k 4.5ghz O.C. high v-core issue

Hey guys,

I decided to do a little o.c. However, when I changed the multiplier to 45 and tested with prime 95 on a blend stress test, Cpu-z gave me an approximate v-core of about 1.52v. That seems to be horribly high for 4.5ghz.

gigabyte z77x-ud3h
hyper212 plus

Could someone tell me what is wrong ?

Thank you,
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. As someone being new to building pc, and overclocking in general. Is there a guide somewhere in regard to this specific board?

    Also does that just simply mean that I got a crappy chip? :(

    Edit: Stabilizing 4.4ghz at around 1.3v. However, When I up the turbo ratio to 4.5ghz. It stays at 4.4 why is that ?
  2. Did you manually change the Vcore? or set it to auto?. Not sure on Gigabytes BIOS but for MSI has a option for CPU voltage
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