Building Rendering PC


BUDGET RANGE:$900-1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT:Rendering(using sketchup and kerkythea renderer),converting video's, gaming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED:keyboard, mouse,speakers, OS



PARTS PREFERENCES: anything suits me. not a fanboy here




ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: with the budget i need a fast computer. for rendering. im building this for my dad. i would a intel i7 build. but that fits the budget.but still i need it as a fast pc. please help. still! if it would not fit the i would prefer a fast computer which fits the budget but i can also upgrade after months so that i can have a more faster pc

so please show me some builds. with a price. thanks !!
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  1. uhm anyone? sory for the double post. 20views? no replys?
  2. here's my 2cents,

    i built a couple computers last year just for rendering. i use maya which is multithreaded. im not sure about sketchup. but i would say build a i7 with a 920 and perhaps get a asus motherboard because it comes with overclocking software. im lost when it comes to overclocking and they make it easy. since you want to upgrade later this year hopefully the prices on the higher end i7's will drop but who really knows.

    since it sounds like rendering is your concern then the faster the chip the faster you can render. untill rendering software starts to take advantage of the GPU a chip is the only way out.

    also perhaps if next year you want to upgrade then you could just move the innards of this machine and put it in a server node case, this way you can eventually build up a render farm.

    BTW there is free software that uses the GPU but it appears at this point its all beta/hobbyist quality and stability.

    i hope this helps.
  3. oh thanks! i also wanted that the rendering would take advantge of the gpu. well its possible. some time. can you give me specific specs so that i can see if it fits my budget. thanks for your reply
  4. +1 LGA 1366/i7 for this kindda rig ^^
  5. You'll want to look at the Nvidia Quadro line of cards instead of Geforce. Quadros are more optimized for rendering, 3d, cad/cam type work which sounds like what you're going for. ATI also has an alternative in the FireGL series. You'll need to do some research as to which cards perform better for your specific apps (usually it's Nvidia as they basically own this space at this price range). There are other brands but they're probably out of reach, like Oxygen and Wildcat Labs which are in the thousands of dollars. Even some of the higher end Quadros are over $1500. You're probably looking at a low to mid range card for your budget.
  6. i prefer just a fast proccesor since im still 14 yrs old. i do not do animation which requires those workstation card. i would be alright in ati 5850?
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