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Hi guys, i have recently built a mini LAN based pc (the case has a handle, how cool is that) however, i'm stuck for a graphics card, eventually im going to put my old GTX 280 in there (im planning on getting a new 4xx series as soon as they're out). But my situation now is, i want a 'nothing amazing' card just to see it through and for when i need a hot swap card when repairing / building new systems. It needs to be relatively game capable but as i say i'm not in the market for 90 FPS at 1080 full settings. Financially im looking for anywhere between £100 to £150 (yes im english, gasp) and i'm open to either Nvidia or ATI (i'm ultimately loyal the the green guys but this will be a purely money efficient price/performance issue). I massively prefer XFX as a vendor over any other so keeping to that will make me happy :). Anyway, has anyone got an suggestions?

P.S Use scan.co.uk or overclockers.co.uk for sites to look in.

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  1. jyjjy said:

    I agree with you. Good price and good performance. 5770 is the right choice.
  2. Thanks guys, i was actually lookning at it before thinking 'yeah this will probably be what everyone suggests' hahaha.
  3. One question, i install this into my LAN pc (core i5), but when it comes to putting my old GTX 280 in there, will that be ok?

    (sorry for double post, not allowed to edit for some reason)
  4. Well when switching between Nvidia/ATI cards it's best to uninstall the old drivers first and run Driver Sweeper to make sure everything is gone;
    If it ever has any problems deleting something try it in safe mode. Other than that there shouldn't be any issues.
  5. Thanks.
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