Overclocking i5-3570k with Hyper 212 plus cooler

Looking for some advice on overclocking this chip. I have a ton of setting in bios. i5-3570k chip, ASRock Z77 Extreme4 MOBO, 8GB G.Skill ripjaws x ram, Radaeon 7850 Videocard. I was hoping to get at least to 4ghz stable
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  1. I got more or less your same rig. i overclocked my 3570k to 4 GHz by using the asrock included software (or you can just increase che multiplier in the bios settings) i've got the stock cooler and everything is running fine, the highest temps i got were 65c. you have an aftermarket cooler, so i'd say you could push it to 4.5 stable without adjusting che voltage :)
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