How to change raw to ntfs without data loss ?

Hi everyone,

Here is my story,
I was trying to merge a 100gb (free space) partition with about 700gb partition (which got all the data) with the program acronis disk director 11 home, But acronis didn't complete the merge and I found the 800gb partition not formatted in acronis and from windows RAW type.
I know there is recorvery in acronis and other recorvery softwares. but I think it needs another 800gb free space partition or more to copy all the date, Which I don't have that free space.

So is there another why to change or convert raw to ntfs without (data loss, games loss or folders loss) ?

Thanks in advance
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    Try any of the various data recovery utilities: Recuva, EASEUS Partition Recovery, EASEUS Data recovery (not free), or any of a dozen you could find searching this forum. These utilities will recover in-place.
  2. you mean by "will recover in-place" It will recover in the same partition
    and if thats what you mean can it recover folders with the same order.

    Thanks for your reply
  3. They will recover to the same space.

    They may or may not succeed in getting the folders right, depending on how messed-up your disk is.
  4. I tried Icare and the recover was mess so I just formatted the partition.
    Anyway Thanks a lot for your help :)
  5. I hope Microsoft In the future could let windows change/convert partition without need of format.
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