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Hi All,

My question for the community is this:

Is it better to run my memory at 1600mhz using XMP with the default 7 8 7 24 timings, OR lower the memory multiplier to keep it slightly below 1333 (1280) and use 7 7 7 24. My system becomes unstable if I use XMP AND tighten the timings.


2x2GB g.skill 1600mhz 7 8 7 24 ddr3
i7 860 slightly OC'd @ 3.2GHZ (160x20)

Should mention that this mobo defaults to running my memory at 1333. Anything above this is considered an OC.

Any feedback regarding this configuration would be great.
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  1. IMHO I would keep it at 1600. The increase in performance between the timings you had and the ones you propose is neglible compared to the difference between the 1280 and 1600 speeds.

    Keep it at 1600, you'll be happy you did!
  2. Yea, there is hardly any difference between the two timings. Go with the higher speed.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'll keep it set at 1600. :)
  4. phlog said:
    Thanks for the replies. I'll keep it set at 1600. :)

    Anything we can do to help. :)
  5. Unless I'm mistaken, the timing is actually the number of clock cycle needed to do some operation. Therefore if you try to minimize the timing/clock ratio, you should get better performance. This does not account for RAM/CPU synchronicity performance loss however.
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