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is there any software that will overclock my processor for me and does my processor have to have a k at the end of the name to be overclockable?
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  1. There are software means of overclocking the CPU, but the BIOS is a better way to do it. Also you dont want to be using Auto-Overclocking utilities, it just wont be as good as if you did it manually.

    Technically no, but if you want to push beyond 4Ghz (as the Turbo clock, so not even really a proper overclock) then you will need a K edition processor.
  2. Some motherboards do include exclusive overclock utilities. If your motherboard does offer one, then its ok to use. Im not familiar with a lot of them, but I happen to use one from ASUS wich is great, it works just llike if you were in BIOS, but with a better User interface and it provides constant monitoring of the CPU and mobo Temperatures. You can also set how the fans will spin and respond according to rise in temperature, it works perfectly.
  3. i have the asus sabertooth and the i7 3770k
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