Replacing mobo needs new os install?

im going to upgrade my motherboard/cpu/memory from an ageing 650i-sli chipset to something more up-to-date such as an x58 board..what i want to know is do i need to reinstall my OS after the new board is installed?

if not, are there any procedures i need to do before installing the new board such as removing chipset/vga drivers etc..

i have a dual boot os w7/xp on 2 hdd's.
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  1. The OS? yes. The way the OS registers with the computer's hardware will rend the current install invalid when you replace the MB/CPU.

    You'll probably need to do a full backup, format, fresh-install procedure. Upgrading the board/cpu like you are is a pretty massive change.
  2. Yep you don't have choice to do a fresh new install. I try that one time and I lost a lot of time to correct everything, even when everything is corrected it's still not properly working, and I finish by to do a new install anyway, I lost 3 days.
    As Zerge said backup, upgrade hardware, reinstall,safe efficient less pain.
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