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Hi everyone .
i recently checked my system temp using system information software ! i was quite shocked to see that my gpu temperature jumped to 106 degree with just 1 hour of gameplay . what is the recommended temperature for gpu. i use 8600gt graphic card nvidia .
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  1. sry forgot to mention celsious
  2. am pretty impressed it didn't crash at that temp!!!

    it might be worth taking the card out and checking its cooling hasn't become clogged with dust.

    had that happen with my old X1800XL single slot cooler - had become unreliable.
    turned out to have become very blocked, was a pain to disemble too with all screws under its sticker (used a stanley blade to cut small X's for the screws I could peel back and gain access)

    That or maybe you could see about improving case flow some if it isn't so good.

    I would guess, depending on your cooler??, you wouldn't want to be too much over 80 with 90 as max. Am sure someone can give a better idea of what is normal for this card.
  3. hmm. actually my gpu average temperature wont go below 65 degree celsius even though computer might be turned on just a minute ago . looks like global warming has got direct hit on my computer.
  4. Are the cpu temps also high?

    If so try introducing some120mm fans in your rig (if there aren't any already)
  5. cpu temp wont go high . i got intel e8300 core2duo machine . yeh this month i will get my cabinet changed.
  6. Check to make sure the fan is spinning. Also, what driver set are you using? (196.75 does bad things). I second taking a look for dust buildup in the cooler.
  7. i am using 178.13_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql drivers currently . the prob people were facing was their gpu fan isuue. but in my case i dont care because there is no cooling fan attached to my gpu.
    and i tried installing 196.25 old nvidia drivers but.. it didnt get installed properly i was asked to restrart my machine after physx was installed . after restart setup didnt continue. but i didnt mind because i know 8600gt is old gpu in market.
  8. Ah, it is passive. Well, how is your case airflow? You may want to throw in an extra case fan either blowing on it or bringing cool air in near it.
  9. i am gonna change my cabinet this week. Before there was not enough prob but now even climate in my country showed up. before it used to be around max 23 celsius max . but this summer it reached upto 36 degree cessius now.
    you know when people are boiling how can computer escape such a heat .
  10. yeah know that feeling all too well too lol

    Sound like the new case will make a nice difference so lets see :)
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