Ocz Ssd from advertisement.

Hello there!
So wandering around these advertising sites I struck on fairly cheap Ssd(For my country of course).
It's Ocz solid series 30Gb Sata2 ssd.
It costs ~50$, usually ssd costs about a 2.5$ per Gb here.
If I buy it I will use it for win boot up disk.

I just want to ask is it any good, as I'm fairly new to ssd stuff.
Advice and help will be warmly welcomed. :)

Unrelated bonus question.
What kind of noctua cooler is that.

Picture of ssd and cooler.
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  1. I wouldn't advise it!
    It may be cheap but OCZ doesn't have a good history with the older ssds. Another reason is that 30GB is very little space for your system if you consider that ssd manufacturers suggest keeping the ssd at less than 90% capacity!
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