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The link is a pic of my EVGA Precisionx and my sliders...when under full load the voltage goes to 1100 and the gpu clock to 1293 on average..What should these sliders be adjusted to?? I would like to stay under or around 72c to prevent thermal throttling of any kind....and if that pic doesn't work tell me how to properly link a damn photo here! lol
I5 3570k
8gb ddr3 1600
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Under a stress test the presets have it at 1175 voltage and 1293 clock

    Please some info would be cool
  2. http://www.overclock.net/t/1265110/the-gtx-670-overclocking-master-guide

    I would give this guide a read. they go over how to setup the precisionX. setting up the fan curve will help with the heat to noise ratio. I havnt been able to push mine that much, I got +114 on the core clock, and +50 on the memory. I have seen others get a bit more.
  3. I adjusted the the clock to +70 and +160 mem and I suppose im happy with the results the fan is at full(79%) under full load and temps stay 55-63ish, The fan noise doesn't bother me, not sure if its normal to stay full the whole time while under load or if that is bad for it...also I know its unrelated to this particular post but I just finished successfully ocing my cpu !! Wasn't to sure of myself sure glad it was easy!
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